Free Resources to Help Improve Your Strategy

As digital marketers, we’re constantly learning as the digital landscape continues to evolve and shape the way buyers shop.

Along the way we like to share some of the things we think might help contractors increase sales and grow their business.

Our free resources are split into three categories:



Informative videos on the same topics produced by CMG.



Engaging discussions about the world of HVAC and marketing.



Our latest articles on topics related to HVAC and marketing.



More marketing resources and downloadable content. 


What I Believe Series

If you’ve been paying attention, then you know how important using video for your digital marketing efforts has become.

In the following videos we give tips and explain the concepts that we use to make our HVAC digital marketing successful. We recommend that you start with the “What I Believe” video series which describes our core, proven beliefs that have help make our clients’ phones ring time and again.

If you want suggestions about video that you can make for your business, click the button below:

What I Believe #1
Case Studies

In this video Don discusses one of Comfort Media Group’s core HVAC digital marketing concepts: Case Studies.

What I Believe #2
Setting the Table

Don again discusses one of Comfort Media Group’s core HVAC digital marketing concepts. This time it’s the idea of “Setting the Table”. 

What I Learned this Week Series

In this short video series, we look back and examine something we learned during the previous week or something that we learned previously that we thought was worth passing along.


Staying Top of Mind

In this video, Don discusses the importance of staying top of mind with your leads and customers.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Don explains what Facebook lookalike audiences are and how important they are to your HVAC digital marketing efforts.

Proprietary Content Management Systems

Do you use a proprietary management system? Don explains what they are and why you may want to avoid them.

Captions for Online Video

CMG Video Production Manager, Dan, steps in to explain why captioning your videos is so important and what you need to get started.

Generating Leads with Pinterest

Pinterest can be a valuable source of leads for you HVAC business. Who knew? Watch as Don explains more.



Welcome to the ComfortCast!

ComfortCast is a podcast produced by Comfort Media Group.

On the ComfortCast we discuss best practices in the HVAC digital marketer world as well as have conversations with guests from around the industry.



The Comfort Blog is filled with useful HVAC and digital marketing articles bound to help you increase sales and grow your business.

Listed below are the topics that we think will be most useful to your digital marketing efforts; Be a Better Marketer, Social Media Marketing, & Case Studies. For even more content, click the button below to view the full blog:




Download the 52 Blog Article Ideas for Contractors

Blogging is one of the foundations of inbound digital marketing.

Choose your area of the U.S. to download 52 blog article ideas that should keep you covered for every week and season of the year.


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Download the Growth Driven Design Quick Reference Guide

Ye Ole website need a redesign?

Get to know the best process and practices to improve your website over time informed by your visitors.


Download the HVAC Video Equipment Guide 

Looking to start producing your own video, but aren’t sure what kind of equipment you’ll need?

Download our guide which will tell you what you need and about how much it’ll set you back. 


Download the HVAC Video Planning Form

Whether you’re producing your own video or asking us to do it, this form can help you organize and focus your next big video idea.

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