Proven lead generation solutions for contractors of all sizes, and in all stages of growth.

Whether you need a marketing plan built from scratch, or a few tweaks to get you pointed in the right direction, when you follow our proven system you will achieve your revenue objectives.

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Here are some of the most important marketing topics we can help you be successful with:


Sending the right e-mails to your customers at the right time


Learning how to get the most out of your CMS or Hubspot


Creating Google Pay-per-click ads and have your brand follow potential leads


Creating successful campaigns that resonate on social media


Planning, shooting, and editing video for your website and social media

Gathering like-minded contractors to share industry intelligence

Email Automation

We offer implementation of out-of-the-box and creation of completely customized email automation recipes for a variety of contractor needs, from sales to service to internal communications.

For clients who are not using HubSpot or some other marketing automation tool, we employ cloud-based tools, which we subscribe to, to provide your customers with an experience that sets you apart from the competition, and uses your investment in high quality content to educate your lead, resulting in a higher quality conversation, and increasing the probability of a positive outcome during the sales call.

Eventually we hope our clients will see such great value in these practices that they will invest in tools of their own, or graduate up into HubSpot.



Hubspot Typing

Hubspot Implementation

We are a HubSpot Gold partner and enthusiastically recommend it to anybody approaching $2 million and wants to be north of $3 million.

HubSpot is a measuring tool, drawing a line between a contractor’s marketing spend and the jobs they are booking, and every bit of information in between.

HubSpot functions as an email marketing platform, landing page tool, content strategy planner, and email automation tool.

HubSpot also tracks website visitor behavior, so you can see what people are actually doing as they read the various pages on your website and open – or not open – your emails. You can score this behavior, revealing patterns and trends that make it easier to spot the good leads in your database. It’s pretty next level stuff.

Implementing HubSpot is no joke, and not something most contractors want to tackle on their own. Every contractor we have in HubSpot believes it is worthwhile.  

The cost of HubSpot starts at $800/month.

Paid Online Campaigns


We manage Google PPC and Remarketing campaigns for $1000/month.

Since we specialize in doing this for HVAC contractors and home heating oil companies, every one of our clients is experiencing excellent returns on their Pay-Per-Click investment.

If someone told you that you could buy $100 bills for $80, how many would you buy?

Our goal is to limit a contractor’s PPC campaigns to the shoulder seasons as much as possible. We want the content strategy and paid social media to generate enough leads during the busy seasons that no PPC is required.


We manage Facebook ad campaigns starting at $500/campaign/month, or they are included as part of a larger monthly retainer.

If a contractor has high quality, educational content on their website, Facebook ads work and we love them.

From targeting a specific demographic or location, to spreading brand awareness, we can use Facebook ads in a multitude of ways to increase your business. 



Video adds tremendous value for your customers’ experience. Where both video and text are available on the same page, 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service. 

Your customers want to see video of your team and the beautiful installations that you do every day. These videos are often a decisive factor that convinces them to buy or download your brochure.

We’ve done all kinds of HVAC videos for contractors. you can read more about what kinds of videos can be most effective for your company by clicking the button below. Or, watch an example of a high-velocity video we produced.  

Industry Intelligence

Contractors love our monthly mastermind calls. Time and time again guys tell us how this is where they get some of their best value, discussing topics from digital marketing to the best recruiting companies, accounting tools and installation hacks. Tons of validation and getting the imagination flowing during these brain dumps.

All of our clients benefit from the things we learn across a wide variety of contractors all across the country. Since we observe a strict no-compete policy, working with only one contractor in a geographic territory, we have the ability to cross pollinate the campaigns and successful strategies employed by other contractors we work with. This has created a trove of data that we pull from as we create strategies and deploy various digital marketing campaigns and tactics.  

Marketing Books