Truly attract and reach your website visitors with tested, proven content designed to convert website visitors to leads and to customers. 

Great, educational content added to your website builds your visitor’s trust and establishes your business as the local experts on a particular topic.

Comfort Media Group has content built for the most popular HVAC brands available today ready to be added and customized for your website.


We think that one of the best ways to reach your potential customers is to let them see themselves or their own situations in your marketing. 

That’s why we consider publishing case studies of the beautiful installations you do as one of our core HVAC marketing philosophies.

Not only do customers get to see what you did to improve the comfort in homes that look like theirs, but each case study you publish will be unique and filled with important keywords bound to show up in a Google search and enhance your SEO, naturally. Learn more about case studies in the following video.

Sell More HVAC Systems With Case Studies
Case Studies Of HVAC Jobs Sell More Systems
Marketing With Case Studies for HVAC Contractors
Sell More Ductless Mini-Splits With Case Studies
Case Study Marketing For HVAC Contractors

Digital Video

Nothing on the Internet is as powerful and effective as video for telling a story. Thanks to broad access to high-speed internet, video has exploded on the web. And, if you’re not already doing video, you’re not maximizing your effectiveness in today’s digital marketplace. 

We’ve done all kinds of digital marketing video projects for clients; all produced in-house. View some examples below or see more on our video page:


Thinking about shooting video yourself?

Great idea! If you’re new to all of this, the amount of equipment available these days can be intimidating. 

Our guide can help you figure out what you’ll need, in the first place, and give you our suggestions and links to the products online. Easy peasy 😉


Focus your ideas for your next video project

This is the form that we ask our clients to submit for each video they’d like us to help produce. We thought you might find it handy too. 

This form helps you organize your next big video idea before you begin the costly process of production. Go in with a plan, Stan!


Blog Content

Posting regular, high quality, informative articles on your website’s blog will dramatically improve your company website’s rank in search (SEO), increasing website traffic, while establishing your expert status and fostering high levels of trust in your customers and prospects.

Our staff of content creation specialists will incorporate your branding, identity and expertise into authoritative articles that will showcase your company’s deep expertise in every aspect of your business.

Here are a couple interesting facts about blogging:

  • Companies that blog get 55% more traffic and 70% more leads than companies that don’t
  • 57% of companies have acquired a customer through their blog
  • 65% of daily internet users read blogs
  • 46% of daily internet users read more than 1 blog per day & 36% read 5-10 blogs per day
  • Businesses that blog at least 20 times per month generate 5x more web traffic & 4x more leads
  • Sharing free, relevant content online helps search engines & prospects find you
  • blogging can increase your Twitter reach by 75%

Read more about the effectiveness of blogging for your website: 

52 Blog Post Graphic

Download the 52 Blog Article Ideas for Contractors

Looking to start blogging or need some new ideas for your current blog? Here are enough article ideas for every week of the year, free to download. Choose the version that best represents your service area:

Website Funnels


Adding our HVAC content pages turns your website into a ductless education center for customers, and a sales funnel for your business.

We offer website funnels for the best selling HVAC brands and we’re adding new funnels all the time. We can even create a custom funnel for whatever it is you’d like to sell more of.

Some of the website funnels we have available to be added and customized for your website include :

  • Mitsubishi Ductless
  • Carrier Ductless
  • Bryant Ductless
  • High Velocity
  • Carrier Unitary
  • Bryant Unitary
  • Energy Kinetics
  • Laundry Pro
  • Rennai
  • And, more

So, what products do you want to sell more of? Contact Comfort Media Group today to discuss your sales needs.